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All Nintendo’s Mobile Games, Ranked from Worst to Best


All Nintendo’s Mobile Games, Ranked from Worst to Best

6. Miitomo

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Miitomo was Nintendo’s very first foray into the world of mobile, and while it was hard to describe as a “game” it was a fascinating social app that took the internet by storm for a while.

Miitomo takes some serious inspiration from the 3DS title Tomodachi Life, letting players create their very own Mii avatar and answer various crazy questions. Friends could visit your Mii and let you see their own crazy answers to questions. Of course, you could also get a ton of different clothing and accessories to dress up your Mii.

The real appeal of Miitomo, however, was the brilliant little art system that let you pose your Mii and use a bunch of different items to create weird and wacky pictures. Because of this, Miitomo memes flooded the internet for a short while, and it was all great fun to see.

Sadly, Miitomo officially shut down in May 2018, and its initial appeal certainly wore off quickly as you just simply ran out of things to do. It was an interesting first experiment for Nintendo on mobile, but just a taste of things to come.

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