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Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase is Coming This Monday


Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase is Coming This Monday

Today on Twitter Nintendo of America announced the arrival of an all new direct video showcase focusing on the indie games coming to the Switch. Named Indie World, the event will be livestreamed this coming Monday.

The tweet in question, which you can check out below, promises that the Indie World livestrream will be 20 minutes long and feature a ton of new information on games coming to the Switch.

Since the release of the Switch, Nintendo has formed an increasingly close bond with with indie games, with many great indie games like Cuphead, Celeste, and GRIS getting ported over or even launching on the console.

This isn’t the first Nindie video showcase the company has released and there’s already a good amount of speculation on what games will feature in the video.

One major candidate is the whimsical 3D platformer A Hat in Time, following the recent announcement of the Switch release date.

The surprise sequel to the challenging metroidvania hit Hollow Knight, Silksong is another game highly suspected to receive a spotlight as the Switch is the only console the game was announced for.

There’s also a lot of support for lesser known indie titles like Untitled Goose Game, which has been slowly building up popularity over the past year.

With around 20 minutes to fill however, we can likely expect a lot more to be revealed.

Indie World goes live this coming Monday on August 19. You can watch the livestream on Nintendo’s live page here at 6am PT/9am ET.

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