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Here’s Every Indie Titled Revealed to Be Coming to Switch From the Spring Nindies Showcase

Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer

Here’s Every Indie Titled Revealed to Be Coming to Switch From the Spring Nindies Showcase

Nintendo was in top form during this year’s Nindies Spring Showcase, shelling out trailers and teasers for a variety of promising titles.

From new offerings like the emotional survival title The Red Lantern to welcome surprises like Cuphead coming to the Switch, there was plenty to get the Nintendo faithful hyped up for the year ahead.

Of course, with such a deluge of content, it wouldn’t be surprising if fans missed some of what was put on display. To that end, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of every game announced during the stream.

1. Cuphead

The showcase started off strong with the reveal that Cuphead would be available on Nintendo Switch. The game is slated for release on Apr. 18 with preorders available now through the Nintendo eShop.

In addition to all of the game’s base content being available for play on the go, players can also rack up Xbox Live achievements while playing the game on Switch.

2. Overland

Next up was Overland, a turn-based strategy game wherein the player guides a group of friends across a post-apocalyptic United States toward a more peaceful existence.

Outside of the game’s combat, players will also be faced with a myriad of choices. Should you save a stranger under attack by some monsters, or leave them to their fate to buy your party some time? It’s all up to the player to decide, and they’ll get their chance when the game releases this fall.

3. My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro is, in a word, insanity. In more words, it’s a blend of John Woo films, The Matrix and a hallucinatory trip about sentiment banana named Pedro.

It’s through this that players will be able to shoot, dodge and fight their way through waves of enemies, all while unweaving the intricate tale of why they’re doing so in the first place. The game is set for release this June exclusively on Switch.

4. Neo Cab

After your best friend Savy is forced into hiding by the mega-corporation Capra, Neo Cab players are forced to take up a job as a ride share driver in the hopes of reuniting with her.

In doing so, however, they need to balance their income, maintain a good report and rating with clients, and stay mindful of whether Capra is wise to their true motives. It’s sure to be a challenging and insightful experience, and players can dive into it this summer.

5. The Red Lantern

As a woman out to fulfill a lifelong dream, players are thrust into a fight for survival when their participation in the Iditarod race turns deadly in The Red Lantern.

Stranded in the wilderness and strapped for supplies needed to make it back to safety, players must brave the elements, overcome the predators of the wilderness and find their way back to safety before its too late.

The game looks to be an emotional, narrative-driven game similar to Firewatch, from its characters and dialogue to its art style. Time will tell if this comparison is astute when the game releases later this year.

6. Dark Wood

A top-down survival horror title, Dark Wood puts an emphasis on player choice and the consequences that stem from them.By day, players must choose whether to scavenge materials, fortify their hiding places or interact with the inhabitants of Dark Wood.

By night, the player then has to survive an onslaught of dark forces, struggling to make it to tomorrow using whatever advantages they managed to accrue with their choices. It looks to be a tense experience with an emphasis on survival, and players can dive in this May.

7. Katana Zero

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses in Katana Zero, a game where players take the role of a supernaturally gifted samurai with a wealth of demons on their conscience.

Each night, players must fight their way through an assassination mission by dashing, dodging and slicing their way through enemies, manipulating time to ensure they always know what’s coming next. Then, afterwards, discuss their killings with their therapist.

It’s an odd blend of gameplay elements, but also one that stands out from the pack of other side scrolling action platformers. It’s set for release on Apr. 18.

8. Rad

From the visionary minds at Double Fine comes Rad, an action platformer that encourages players to get as radical as possible in the name of traversing a post-apocalyptic landscape.

In addition to the usual jumping, puzzle solving and bashing enemies, players can also adopt new mutations to increase their chances of success. This could mean growing a giant snakehead and some extra arms or popping out some mutant minions to swarm especially difficult enemies.

9. Creature in the Well

As the last engineer capable of restoring a weather machine, players must brave a town buried by a sandstorm and overrun by monsters summoned by an evil force in Creature in the Well.

The game initially looks like a top-down action title, but before long it becomes apparent that the game has inspirations from pinball and other gameplay styles. This is all blended with an imaginative and colorful desert aesthetic, and players can see it for themselves when it launches this summer.

10. Bloodroots

A pure-blooded top-down action platformer, Bloodroots tasks players with one simple goal: Exact revenge on the people who left them for dead by smashing and crashing through anything in their way.

To this end, they must battle through waves of enemies, dismantle buildings and other parts of the environment, and otherwise leave a trail of chaos and carnage in your wake. Those interested in the title can check it out this summer.

11. Pine

A third person open world title with a fantasy twist, Pine allows players to take part in a living, breathing world full of different anthropomorphic factions. From crocodile men to club-wielding moose, each of the game’s different biomes house a different race of creatures for the player to interact with.

This is in addition to the game’s survival mechanics, which require the player to craft equipment and items to stay alive and keep themselves going throughout their adventure. Players can experience the world for themselves when the game arrives this August.

12. Super Crate Box

Allowing players to fight endless waves of enemies with a variety of pixelated firearms, Super Crate Box provides plenty of fun with its base version.

In the Nintendo Switch version though, players can engage in multiplayer matches, blasting their way through enemies while also trying to come out on top against each other. Players won’t have long to wait for it either, as its set for release in April.

13. Nuclear Throne

The rogue-like action title where mutants battle for control of the wasteland is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch.

Either on their own or alongside a friend in co-op mode, players can fight their way through wave after wave of enemies, mutating and gaining new abilities along the way. It’s available for download now via the Nintendo eShop.

14. Ultra Bugs

Part of a larger collection of planned titles included in the Vlambeer Arcade, Ultra Bugs tasks players with blasting their way through waves of constantly multiplying bugs.

The more they kill, the higher the player’s score goes and the more likely they are to encounter Ultra Bugs that carry upgrades for their ship. The game will be available sometime later this year.

15. Swimsanity

A side-scrolling shooter set under water, Swimsanity pits players against a variety of sub-nautical enemies out to drag them to the depths.

On their own or with friends, they’ll need to blast their way through each level’s enemies and hazards to progress to the next challenge, with a total of 150 challenges across eight game modes to overcome. Players can dive into it for themselves this summer.

16. Blaster Master Zero-II

Blaster Master Zero is back with more levels to traverse, enemies to take out and side-scrolling action to get lost in.

Players can take the role of Gaia Sophia, a tank with a variety of weapons and a power source that is amped up after falling from large heights, and Jason, a space fairing soul with the ability to counter enemy attacks with large swaths of gunfire.

Together, the two will set out across the stars, exploring new reaches of space and taking on any enemy mutants that cross their path. The game is available now via the Nintendo eShop.

17. Stranger Things Season 3: The Game

Set for release alongside Stranger Things Season 3, Stranger Things Season 3: The Game covers the latest season’s story in a beat-em-up action style gaming experience.

As Hopper, Joyce Byers, Lucas and other characters from the show, players must battle their way through stages to uncover the truth of what’s happening to the town and whether it can be stopped. The game is set to hit the Nintendo eShop on July 4.

18. Cadence of Hyrule

Cadence of Hyrule blends the gameplay of Crypt of the Necromancer with The Legend of Zelda for a mesmerizing, action-packed adventure.

As Link, Zelda or the game’s protagonist, players can fight their way across Hyrule to the beat of the series’ classic tunes. Each character has their own moves and abilities as well, offering plenty of depth for fans to dig into. The spin-off title is set for release sometime this spring.

That’s all of the big game announcements from this year’s Nindies Spring Showcase. For more on each game, check out all of the images and screenshots from each title down below.

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