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Minecraft: How to Change Game Mode in 1.14

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Minecraft: How to Change Game Mode in 1.14

Minecraft has evolved a lot in the decade it’s been around, adding a handful of items, creatures, and materials to help improve the gameplay and give players more to do. The addition of multiple game modes has most certainly added the most variety though, allowing for different ways to enjoy the game. Here is everything you need to know about how to change game modes in the 1.14 version of Minecraft.

Depending on how you play Minecraft, the answer to the question of how to change game modes will differ, as it is available for both console and PC.

Regardless of the version you are playing, players can pick between three game modes:

  • Survival – Survive mobs, other players, the element, and hunger to survive
  • Creative – Focus on creation by not worrying about hunger, damage, or resource limitations
  • Adventure – Similar to Survival but blocks can’t be broken/placed without tools and commands

The only difference between each version is that PC players have the ability to also play in Spectator mode, which allows them to watch over the world like a ghost.

How to Change Game Modes in Minecraft 1.14


For console Minecraft players, start by either opening one of your worlds or by clicking on the Friends tab and opening one of their worlds.

It will then prompt you to pick the game mode, giving the option between Survival, Creative, and Adventure. This takes you directly into that mode.

When you tire of whatever mode you are currently in, you don’t need to go to the menu to switch. All you have to do to change game modes is press the chat button on the top left of the screen.

After the chat bubble appears enter /gamemode 0 to change to Survival mode, /gamemode 1 to change to Creative, and /gamemode 2 to change the mode to Adventure.

Keep in mind that you must have cheats enabled when creating the world for this to work.


For PC Minecraft players, the game gives you the option to select the game mode after choosing your world.

In order to switch modes once inside the game, press T to bring up the chat input menu. Once it is up, enter /gamemode 0 to change to Survival mode, /gamemode 1 to change to Creative, /gamemode 2 to change to Adventure, and /gamemode 3 to change to Spectator mode.

Now that you know how to switch on the fly, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on creating.

That is everything you need to know about how to switch game modes in Minecraft 1.14. Be sure to search Twinfinite if you’re looking for other helpful tips and tricks with the game, especially considering how much there is to create in this ever evolving game.

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