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Man of Medan: How to Max Alex & Julia’s Relationship (Lovebirds Trophy/ Achievement)

man of medan max alex and julias relationship

Man of Medan: How to Max Alex & Julia’s Relationship (Lovebirds Trophy/ Achievement)

Man of Medan will see you making all the decisions and dialog choices for the group of adventurers as they explore the spooky ship. While some choices you make can ultimately spell life or death for the characters, others simply alter their relationships with others. Here’s how to max Alex and Julia’s relationship in Man of Medan for the Lovebirds trophy and achievement.

How to Max Out Alex and Julia’s Relationship in Man of Medan

Honestly, this is one of the easier trophies and achievements to get in Man of Medan thanks to the fact that Alex and Julia are already all loved up when you start playing the game anyway.

As such, we actually found that getting the Lovebird trophy/ achievement only took us choosing a few particular dialog options between the two to max out their relationship.

Decisions to Max Alex and Julia’s relationship in Man of Medan

  1. When playing as Brad near the beginning, tell Alex to follow his heart when it comes to Julia.

  2. By completing step 1, the narrative will naturally lead to Alex proposing to Julia during their dive to the plane at the start of the game.

    When this option comes up when playing as Alex, choose it. Similarly, have Julia say yes.

  3. Not long after the group makes it onto the ship, have Alex agree with Julia when she begins talking about it being a ‘ghost ship.’

  4. Finally, when Julia and Alex are first attacked by the ‘Alex Clone,’ have Julia tell Alex to let him go when he’s drowning him. Alex will listen to her.

After making the above decisions in Man of Medan, we unlocked the Lovebirds trophy/ achievement. It’s worth noting that if you unlock the scene selector, it may change the state of relationships between characters as well as their own personal traits.

Similarly, smaller seemingly inconsequential dialog options can have an effect on relationship levels, so a good general rule of thumb when playing Man of Medan is to always be courteous and understanding of the other members of your group.

Follow this rule with Alex and Julia’s dialog options and decisions and you’ll have the Lovebirds trophy in no time.

That’s everything you need to know on how to max Alex and Julia’s relationship in Man of Medan. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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