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Let’s Guess What Resident Evil: Project Resistance Could Be


Let’s Guess What Resident Evil: Project Resistance Could Be

Somewhat surprisingly and out of the blue, Capcom announced yesterday that they’d be unveiling a brand new game called Project Resistance at Tokyo Game Show.

It’s also most definitely going to be a new Resident Evil game. Y’know, because the letters RE have been highlighted. The series has been enjoying quite a bit of momentum lately, so let’s take a guess as to what this new game could be.

It’s Probably Outbreak

Here’s the thing: Project Resistance is probably going to be an online multiplayer spin-off game for the series, and Wesker knows we’ve had enough of those in the past.

Normally, this would be bad news for the series, considering Capcom’s recent track record with online multiplayer games. In fact, the less said about Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City, the better.

However, as we mentioned previously, the series has been on such a roll, that it would be nothing short of jarring if Capcom decided to push out a game similar to Umbrella Corps and ORC yet again. Especially since the reception to those games has been so poor.

With that in mind, we’re fairly optimistic that Project Resistance is going to be some sort of revival of Resident Evil Outbreak.

The Outbreak games were some of the most unique and beloved games in the series, allowing players to create their own scenarios, choose their own characters, and work together to progress through the various levels.

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