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Hearthstone: How to Get Ramkahen Roar & What the Quest is

hearthstone, Ramkahen Roar, Savior of Uldum

Hearthstone: How to Get Ramkahen Roar & What the Quest is

Hearthstone’s 12th expansion is here, bringing with it a new set of 135 themed cards. The storyline sees the league of E.V.I.L.S turn their attention to Uldum, a place of vast deserts and ancient secrets. As ever, you’ll be able to acquire all the new Uldum-themed cards by taking various single-player game modes and arena battles. If you’re wondering how to get the Ramkahen Roar hero power, what it does, which card gives its quest, and how to beat that quest, though, look no further than this guide.

What a Quest Card is

After having first been introduced back in the Journey to Un’Goro expansion, Saviours of Uldum also features Quest cards. These 1-mana cards are nearly useless initially, but they each offer a special quest that, once achieved, produce varying powerful effects.

The key difference with this latest expansion is that the Quest cards’ rewards alter a heroes’ spell once the objective is complete.

How to Get Ramkahen Roar & What its Quest is in Hearthstone

The spell card that grants the Ramkahen Roar ability is Unseal the Vault. This is a quest and spell specifically for the Hunter class. Like all cards in Saviours of Uldum, the Unseal the Vault card can be obtained by either opening Saviors of Uldum card packs, crafting, or as an Arena reward.

You can purchase card packs in exchange for either gold (100 per pack) you have been rewarded with for ticking off various challenges in Hearthstone or by using real-world money. If you’re diligent about ticking off the daily challenges and doing your best to win games in standard mode then you should earn gold fairly quickly.

Saviours of Uldum cards can also be obtained by beating opponents in the Arena mode. While the expansion is live you’re guaranteed a Saviours of Uldum card pack.

Of course, you can always craft cards that you’re after from the My Collection menu. The costs are below:

Card Crafting cost

  • Unseal the Vault – 1600
  • Golden Unseal the Vault – 3200


  • Unseal the Vault – 400
  • Golden Unseal the Vault – 1600

How to Beat the Unseal the Vault Quest

Once you have the Unseal the Vault card, you’ll need to complete its quest in order to actually play Ramhaken Roar. The quest is “Summon 20 minions” in a single match.

Your reward for doing so will transform your heroes’ spell to Ramhaken Roar, which allows him to charge a minion with +2 attack, which is somewhat powerful but possibly not Tier 1 caliber.

In terms of the quest, summoning 20 minion takes quite some time to actually kick in. Obviously, the key here is stacking your deck with as many summoning cards as possible. You’re really going to need to flood the board to pull this one off, but it should be possible to complete the quest by turn 8 or 9.

Summoning cards you’ll want to strongly consider for your deck include:

  • Snake Trap (2)
  • Rat Trap (2)
  • Hench-clan Hogsteed (2)
  • Revenge of the Wild (2)
  • Unleash the Hounds (3)
  • Desert Spear (3)
  • Hyena Alpha (4)
  • Halazzi the Lynx (5)
  • Swarm of Locusts (6)
  • Savanah Highmane (6)

That should be everything you need to know about how to get Ramhaken Roar and how to complete the Unseal the Vault quest card in Hearthstone Saviour of Uldum. For more useful guides, keep it locked to Twinfinite.


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