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Best Skyrim Mods of July 2019


Best Skyrim Mods of July 2019

Make All The Things

Skyrim, Mod

Source: GammaThreve

This mod is for the most creative Skyrim players out there. With over 500 new crafting recipes from added to vanilla Skyrim and its DLC packs, it’ll be hard to run out of new items to create. With so many craftable items, there are a few pointless recipes for pots and pans, but this Make All the Things mod includes over 20 spell scrolls that are completely unique.

If you’re afraid of a messy screen, there’s no need to worry. They addressed the menu clutter issue that’s sure to happen when you add 500 of anything to Skyrim by only letting a crafting recipe appear when you have one of the required items. This way you can also still see what you need to collect to create your new favorite bug jar.

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