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9 Classic Disney Games That Deserve the Aladdin & Lion King Treatment


9 Classic Disney Games That Deserve the Aladdin & Lion King Treatment

It seemed like the remake rumor about the classic Disney video games Aladdin and Lion King came out of nowhere and then they were suddenly confirmed before you could even process the supposed leak.

The announcement induced a rush of nostalgia for playing Aladdin in my cousin’s basement and never being able to best Jafar without their help. They’re good Disney titles, but they’re hardly the only remake-worthy ones.

Disney forever will be more well-known for creating exceptional animated films, but a handful of their games are almost equally as good. Here are nine Disney video games that deserve the ol’ remake treatment.

Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

Image Source: IGDB

There’s a classic flash animation from Albino Black Sheep user -Mercury*Storm- that puts a different spin on this game, but an MMORPG isn’t exactly what we’re looking for here.

This 2D platformer features a 2-player co-op mode that was not the norm on the NES. There were a few co-op games here and there, but none that were as creatively designed as Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Even though co-op is in too many games these days, the addition of an online mode would be a major upgrade for this game.

The art was also incredibly impressive for the NES, but it would be fun to see what the animators could do now in a platformer like this.

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