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5 Things to Do After Beating Man of Medan (Post Game/ End Game)


5 Things to Do After Beating Man of Medan (Post Game/ End Game)

Play Curator’s Cut

things to do after beating man of medan

Playing through Man of Medan’s Theatrical Cut is just part of the story. Sure, you’ll follow the group’s adventure from start to finish (however that pans out for you), but that’s not the full picture.

That’s because, as you probably noticed, the group gets split up at several points, and while you’ll follow what one character is doing at all times, the goings on of the others is kinda ignored in Theatrical Cut.

The Curator’s Cut mode is unlocked upon completing one playthrough of Man of Medan’s Theatrical Cut and allows you to experience scenes from a different perspective and with different characters.

It’s essentially the deleted scenes of Man of Medan’s story, but for anyone who enjoyed their first playthrough, this is definitely something worth checking out.

You’ll also find a number of collectibles that can only be found by playing through Curator’s Cut, so if you’re looking to see everything Man of Medan has to offer, you’ll want to check this out.

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