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10 Other Pokemon That Deserve Galarian Evolutions Too

pokemon, sword, shield, obstagoon

10 Other Pokemon That Deserve Galarian Evolutions Too


pokemon, sword, shield, galar, dunsparce

The Pokemon series features quite a few weaklings that evolve into living WMDs. Magikarp is the most popular example since it evolves into Gyrados, a Pokemon that tends to destroy seaside villages.

However, Pokemon like Magikarp make me ask why Game Freak hasn’t done anything noteworthy with Dunsparce.

Dunsparce looks like a fat snake with wings, and while it is based on a Japanese cryptid known as a tsuchinoko, the competitive Pokemon gamer community has ignored this Pokemon.

Dunsparce’s stats aren’t great, and it was introduced in Gen II, right after the seemingly useless Magikarp blew gamers minds, so one can’t help but be disappointed by the flighty snake.

However, all is not lost for Dunsparce.

Many gamers have invented their own fake evolutions (my personal favorite is Dunseraph from Pokémon Uranium), but since Pokémon Sword/Shield is inspired by the UK, a Galarian Dunsparce and its evolution could ideally take cues from an unlikely but popular English piece of fantasy: dragons.

When most gamers hear the word dragon, they tend to think about six-limbed, fire-breathing monsters who kidnap princesses and hoard gold.

However, British legends are full of stories about dragons that look decidedly more serpentine, including the Lindworm, which is just a snake with legs, and the Amphithere, a snake with wings (hint hint).

Some dragons are nothing more than overgrown snakes and are called wurms (sometimes spelled wyrms).

Any one of these dragons would make for a good Dunsparce evolution. It already has vestigial wings and the snake-like body; an evolution would just dial the existing features up to eleven and maybe add in a proper Dragon typing.

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