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Who Needs Adults? Here Are 5 Games That Let You Save the Day as a Kid


Who Needs Adults? Here Are 5 Games That Let You Save the Day as a Kid

Pokemon Series

Pokemon, games where you play as a kid

The Pokemon franchise includes some of the quintessential RPGs in which you play as a kid. Pokemon games have a few constants, the child protagonists leave home at the age of ten, get a starter Pokemon, and embark on their journey.

Pokemon trainers leave home as kids, making the games and anime more relatable to their younger target audience. Defeating powerful trainers, gym leaders, and the elite four is all the more satisfying when your character is younger than them and has not long begun their adventure in comparison.

Mastery of Pokemon, not physical or magical strength, is what this world values and children can be just as powerful as adults in these games.

The regions of Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, Alola and such feel much more expansive from the perspective of a ten-year-old – and although protagonists have no dialogue to communicate such feelings, there is still a great sense of wonder when wandering the fairytale-like world.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will unsurprisingly also feature child protagonists, and the highly anticipated next Pokemon games got a new gameplay trailer recently.

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