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Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon & Use It


Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon & Use It

In Minecraft, no matter how well-built your humble abode or daunting castle is, creepers and more will eventually find it, and when they do, you’re going to have to defend your home. By placing a beacon within your property, you can receive status effects that will help you stay alive during the fight. Here’s how to make a beacon and use it in Minecraft.

How to Make a Beacon and Use It in Minecraft

A beacon is a teal block that can be placed on top of something to act as a source of location. When it’s placed, it will shoot light high into the sky and that light serves as a guide back to your place, no matter how far away you are. It can also work as a spotlight to let your enemies know where to go. But to counteract that, the beacon gives you and nearby players status effects to bolster your defenses.

Before we talk about how to actually use a beacon, let’s first go over how to make one in Minecraft.

How to Make It

To create a beacon, you’re going to need five blocks of glass, a Nether Star and three blocks of obsidian. When you’ve got all of that in tow, head into the crafting menu.

Here, you should see a 3×3 grid. Place three glass blocks across the top row. Place the Nether Star in the square dead in the middle. To the left and right of this star, place a block of glass.

On the bottom row, fill it completely with three blocks of obsidian. Once you’ve done that, you should see that you’ve crafted a beacon.

Let’s talk about how to use this new item you’ve created.

How to Use It

To activate a beacon, you must adhere to two requirements. The first is that the beacon must have a clear view of of the sky. This is to allow the light to shoot up into the sky.

The second requirement is that the beacon must be placed on top of a pyramid made of diamonds, emerald, gold or iron blocks.

If you’ve placed a beacon down after having met those requirements, you should see it shoot a beam of light into the sky.

Minecraft: How to Make a Beacon & Use It

Once your beacon is set, you can feed it either an iron or gold ingot, an emerald or a diamond. After feeding the beacon one of these materials, open up the beacon’s menu. Here, you’ll see primary powers and secondary powers. The secondary power will always be its light source and its regeneration ability.

In the primary power section, you can select one of five powers: speed, haste, resistance, jump boost or strength.

That’s it for our guide on how to make a beacon and use it in Minecraft.

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