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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How To Unlock Abilities

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How To Unlock Abilities

As the old saying goes, “Another year older, another year wiser.” In the case of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you go another level higher, another level stronger. And the stronger you get, the more abilities you gain to conquer every villain that stands between you and world peace. With that, here’s how to unlock abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

How to Unlock Abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Each character starts out with one ability to use (mapped to RB + the face button), and they can unlock three more as they level up. You’ll need to level up each character to unlock their other abilities, which come in intervals of five. The second ability unlocks at level 10, the third unlocks at level 15, and the fourth at level 20.

For example, Spider-Man starts out with his signature move, Webspinner, which is used to shoot web projectiles. Once he hits level 10 he attains Spider-Drone, shooting out multiple spider drones that attack and bind enemies.

At level 15 he gets Web Crush, slamming a giant web ball into the ground and causing damage to the area in which it was used. At level 20 he unlocks Sticky Situation, allowing him to shoot a flurry of web blasts in a wide radius and bind enemies in the process.

Black Widow starts the game with Covering Fire, allowing her to repeatedly fire two weapons when you press rapidly. At level 10, you unlock Widowmaker, throwing multiple time bombs in front of her.

At level 15 you get the power of Widow’s Kiss, shocking enemies by firing electricity from both wands; just keep pressing the button to continue the attack. At level 20 you get Widow’s Bite, causing an electrical shockwave by plunging two gauntlets into the ground.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about how to unlock abilities in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For more on the Switch title, make sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide as well as our scored review. And for everything else, keep it locked here at Twinfinite.

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