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Fortnite Rubber Ducky Location: Where to Visit a Giant Beach Umbrella & Huge Rubber Duck


Fortnite Rubber Ducky Location: Where to Visit a Giant Beach Umbrella & Huge Rubber Duck

The latest Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenge tasks players with seeking out a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber ducky. While you’re already probably aware of the different giant umbrella locations, the rubber ducky may have eluded you in Fortnite up until now. So here’s where the Fortnite rubber ducky location is, as well as a recap on those beach umbrellas.

Where the Huge Rubber Duck Is in Fortnite (14 Days of Summer)

The rubber duck can be found in the river that runs down the center of the map. The problem is, from our own experience, the duck moves up and down the river and its location is somewhat random each game. For example, in the screenshot below, it was just south of Neo Tilted, but in a game a few days later, it was found floating around in Loot Lake.

Thankfully, it is a huge, yellow rubber duck with sunglasses, so it’s pretty easy to spot as you’re gliding in. It’s a groovy-lookin’ duck.

fortnite huge rubber duck

All you need to do is get within a relatively close distance to the rubber ducky and you’ll have completed one part of the challenge. Next, it’s just a case of revisiting those giant umbrellas we bounced on a few days ago.

Giant Umbrella Locations in Fortnite

fortnite giant beach umbrella locations

There are six giant umbrellas you can go and visit in Fortnite, marked on the map above. We’ve also listed them down below in written form in case you prefer text locations. Out of these six, we’d recommend visiting the one just west of Dusty Divot, or the one north west of Fatal Fields.

These are both within close proximity to the huge rubber ducky, meaning you can get this challenge done quickly.

For more on Fortnite Season 9, check out our guide wiki. If you’re looking for more on the 14 Days of Summer Challenges, check out all of our locations guides so far down below.

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