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Dr Mario World: How to Beat Level 1C

dr mario world, how to beat level 1c

Dr Mario World: How to Beat Level 1C

Dr Mario World is now out on iOS and Android devices and if you’ve been checking out the new puzzle game from Nintendo, you might be having trouble trying to beat a certain level. Here’s how to beat level 1C in Dr Mario World.

How to Beat Level 1C in Dr Mario World

Once you complete level 25 in Dr Mario World, you will see a short path open up on the right side. These three special levels don’t have to be completed in order for you to progress but you can attempt to beat them if you would like to get extra coins and rewards.

These levels are labeled as 1A, 1B, and 1C, and are a bit different from the other levels in the game –they’re timed. So, instead of taking your time to carefully think about where to place pills, you’re going to have to be quick to clear out all of the viruses in a set time.

Level 1C is the last challenge level for these three stages and it gives you 90 seconds to beat it. Before you jump in, we recommend that you use your coins to purchase a mystery question block. It only costs 200 coins and will give you a useful item to help you clear the stage (hopefully). You could get a bomb, a skill meter boost, or something else.

Now, when you first start the level, be sure to clear the viruses that are on the bottom of the screen first. It can be hard to clear a level if you knock out the ones at the top first, because then you won’t be able to easily reach the viruses that sit at the bottom.

If you get a purple pill, you should place it vertically on the left side, right beneath that pair of purple viruses or put it right under the other pair of purple ones on the right side of the screen. If you get a green pill, place it on the right side of those two green viruses at the bottom of the screen. Doing this first will definitely help you out.

Remember that if you end up using an extra colored pill to get rid of a virus, that extra part will slowly fall down. You can actually slide these around to pretty much any spot on the level to give yourself an advantage. Never let these fall into place by themselves as they will probably mess up your flow.

Again, the level is timed and you have unlimited pills, so don’t be afraid to use them up. Also, try to get that skill meter up for your doctor as that should prove useful. If you’re really struggling, maybe you could invest in one of the items on the bottom right of the screen –it’ll cost you but they might help you clear it if you’re having a lot of trouble.

If you have any questions about beating this level, feel free to leave us a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

And that is everything you need to know about how to beat level 1C in Dr Mario World. For more tips and tricks on the mobile title, you can check out some of our other useful guides down below:

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