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A Fan Has Remade Final Fantasy 7 in Dreams, Fittingly Titled as “FF7 Dreamake”

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A Fan Has Remade Final Fantasy 7 in Dreams, Fittingly Titled as “FF7 Dreamake”

Square Enix has been taking their sweet time remaking one of the most iconic Final Fantasy games ever, but one fan of the JRPG has managed to take it upon themselves to create a little remake of FF7, but in the PS4 game, Dreams.

Media Molecule’s newest open sandbox creative title basically lets people literally create anything that they want with a wide variety of creative tools at their disposal.

In the video of the FF7 remake dreamake (see what they did there?), you can see the character switching between Tifa, Cloud, and Barret in a modern setting fighting against some type of robot boss enemy.

The environments are contemporary and look really similar to the upcoming remake from Square themselves, but the character models look more on par with their original, polygonal counterparts.

This may just be a very small vertical slice of FF7, but this is quite impressive if you ask me:

There are tons of little details that you might notice such as the menu system, the health bar, the character switching that’s coming into the actual remake, as well as the numbers coming off of the enemy to show the amount of damage that’s being done.

If you wanted to check this level out in Dreams, the creator goes by sosetsuken5360 and you can search for the title by putting in “FFVII Dreamake.” Who knows? Maybe this will scratch that FF7 itch if you’ve been having trouble waiting for the remake to come to PS4.

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