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7 JRPGs With a School Setting If You’re Feeling Fire Emblem: Three Houses


7 JRPGs With a School Setting If You’re Feeling Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If you’re playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses and you feel like you’re really digging the school setting, then here are 7 other JRPGs that you should totally check out if you’re interested.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

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Valkyria Chronicles 2 should hit the sweet spot for any fan of Three Houses, as it has both the school elements and it’s a tactical RPG. Two years after the events of the first Valkyria Chronicles, a group of revolutionaries starts the Gallian Civil War, waging an ethnic cleansing against Gallians of Darcsen descent.

With Gallia’s regular army devastated by the army against the Empire, the duty falls to fledgling military cadets deployed on the front lines. While it certainly isn’t heavy on school simulation elements, Valkyria Chronicles 2’s story heavily revolves around school and the idea of these characters being students.

The game adopts a bit of a lighter tone than the first because of this, but there are still plenty of weighty war themes mixed in.

If you haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles before, the series’ combat is a hybrid of top-down strategy and real-time. You and the enemy will take turns moving units, who each have a movement gauge.

After you’ve moved a unit you can then enter action phase, which lets you manually aim and shoot in real-time.

Valkyria Chronicles has always had brilliant combat that requires some serious strategic thinking, and Valkyria Chronicles 2 is no exception. Although it can be a little tropey, it’s still a great school story about students balancing normal lives and war.

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