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7 Best PS Store Summer Sale 2019 Deals That You Can’t Miss


7 Best PS Store Summer Sale 2019 Deals That You Can’t Miss

Oh man, this summer is definitely hot for video games and PlayStation is celebrating in these sweat-filled times by busting out yet another sale. The PS Summer Sale starts today and will go on for pretty much the entire month of August, ending on the 20th.

There’s a full list of games on sale over at the official PS Blog but we have rounded up some of the best games on sale that you cannot miss out on.

Here are the 7 best PS Store Summer Sale 2019 deals that you should check out:

Devil May Cry 5

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a new entry in Capcom’s Devil May Cry series, but thanks to all of the time that this game spent cooking in the oven, it came out nearly perfect.

This highly stylistic hack and slash action game stars Dante, Nero, and a mysterious new character named V, who each have their own separate campaign with totally different battle styles.

It feels like three different games packed into one action-packed experience and truly shows how good Capcom is at making a game that is the literal definition of “cool.” If you just listen to the Devil Breaker track that’s constantly played in DMC5, you’ll realize just how rad it all is.

You can save a whopping $20 if you purchase Devil May Cry 5 right now from the PS Store. It’s only $39.59 instead of the original $59.99 until Aug. 20, so you have a lot of time to save up and dig for change underneath the couch cushions.

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