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4 Things Valve Must Do With Dota Underlords to Win the Auto Chess Wars


4 Things Valve Must Do With Dota Underlords to Win the Auto Chess Wars

A new challenger is approaching. Team Fight Tactics, Riot’s rendition of Auto Chess, is now available, joining Dota Underlords in the battlefield of what many are calling the Auto Chess Wars.

Much like Dota Underlords, Team Fight Tactics has been met with largely positive reviews and has garnered a substantial following on Twitch out of the gate, with viewership numbers that currently outpace Dota Underlords by nearly ten times the amount.

Although Twitch viewership is hardly an indicator of a game’s success or failure, there is no denying that the race to become the best Auto Chess game is on the minds of many at Valve and Riot Games.

Here are four things that Valve must do to win the Auto Chess Wars.

Quicker Games

auto chess games

Regardless of which version of Auto Chess you are playing, one complaint that players have is the length of games. Very similar to the MOBA genre that Auto Chess spawned from, a single match can typically last anywhere between 35-45 minutes.

Although most die-hard fans of the genre would argue that the length of games is not an issue, there is still a significant portion of the audience that would appreciate an alternative.

Valve has remained ahead of the curve on this font by announcing that they are looking into solutions such as a Turbo Mode that can be played out in a shorter time frame.

Offering a quicker mode that can be played in shorter bursts would be particularly appealing to mobile players as it would give them faster but still engaging auto chess that can be played on the go.

There can also be changes made to the standard game mode as well. Some of the solutions that are being discussed among fans are skipping the first few rounds or even doubling the amount of gold and experience you earn during the game.

By being more inclusive and adding more options, Valve can provide an Auto Chess game that is more welcoming to players.

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