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5 Insane Ways That Gamers Have Beaten Video Games


5 Insane Ways That Gamers Have Beaten Video Games

Mordhau – Frying Pan

Mordhau is a medieval hack and slash brawler for PC that’s usually played with a mouse and keyboard, like any other game on PC, but a streamer realized that swords and other old-timey weapons were no match against an actual frying pan.

Not only did Rudeism use a frying pan that’s found in-game, but he managed to create a custom video game controller in the form of a basic household cooking item.

If you watch this short clip from one of his many streams, you can see him cracking up as he continuously throws the frying pans around and then successfully kills an opponent.

You know, I’ve never thought of playing a game with anything but a normal controller, but this is definitely something that I would have never even though about doing –kudos to him.

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