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Persona Q2: How to Create Maps

Persona Q2, golden treasure chests

Persona Q2: How to Create Maps

The notebook Hikari gifts you at the beginning of Persona Q2 is one of the most important items you’ll receive. It won’t strike down powerful shadows or save you from certain demise, but helps you navigate the dungeons. Here’s how to create maps in Persona Q2.

How to Create Maps in Persona Q2


With automatic mapping, your notebook will get filled with the ground spaces that you step on. The walls connected to those spaces will also be automatically added to your map. It’s fast, but not very efficient.

The other drawback is that this won’t place any special icons on the map. Some of the early films you enter in Persona Q2 don’t have too many tricks. The late game worlds, however, will give you a seriously hard time if you don’t mark every single switch, obstacle, and shortcut.

If you just want to speed your way through every labyrinth, then this is the option for you. Going for 100% map completion will lead to more battles if you use automapping. On the bright side, that means your team will get overwhelmingly powerful — assuming you don’t run from fights. This method is a bit faster than the manual option despite all the enemies you’ll run into.

Also, the completion percentage for each map is based upon the tiles you step on. If you’re looking to 100% every map, then this is the only way that it can be done.


This is the most plodding plotting you’ll ever experience in Persona Q2. It’s tedious, but also the key to not getting lost in the labyrinths.

You can use the stylus on the touchscreen to select the drawing tools and icons from the menu to the right. The brush tool is used to draw out floor tiles on the map. The pencil tool will mark walls on the lines between squares. You can also change colors in the tools menu to help color code certain parts of labyrinths.

The most important feature in the drawing tools menu are the icons. If you find a shortcut that’s locked on one end, then mark it to make it easier to find the unlocked entrance. You can also leave yourself customizable notes for times when a simple icon won’t do the job. All you need to do is tap on the screen and drag the icon to the desired spot.

If you misplaced an icon and you can’t pick it up, then you may have the brush equipped. Switching to the pencil should allow you to pick up and move the icon or drag it to the trash bin. Don’t worry if you make any errors drawing walls or the floor. You can simply switch to the eraser to remove walls or the dust cloth to clear erroneous floor tiles.

There are so many options for marking up your map in Persona Q2, but they aren’t always quickly reachable. Luckily, there’s a customizable shortcut menu that lets you make certain icons more easily accessible.

Above all the customization, drawing out each maze manually will lead to fewer enemy encounters. This method requires a lot of time, but very few steps. That will lead to a drastically lower number of fights compared to automatic mapping.


This gets you all the fantastic benefits of both automatic and manual mapping. It’s the most thorough way to chart your surroundings and you’ll get into plenty of fights to keep you adequately leveled.

Combining both also gives you more freedom in how you map out the area. If you’ve had enough battles for a little while you can plan your steps accordingly and then just draw the areas where you don’t want to walk. Doing this gives you ample control over marking important locations while still letting you go through the labyrinths at a reasonable pace.

That’s everything there is to know when it comes to creating maps in Persona Q2. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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