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Borderlands 2: How to Farm Eridium Fast (2019)


Borderlands 2: How to Farm Eridium Fast (2019)

Borderlands 2 just recently received brand new DLC in the form of Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary and it’s completely free. Because of that, you might be heading to Pandora once more for the first time in years. It’s okay to forget some things, like how to get your hands on a lot of Eridium. Here’s how to farm Eridium fast in 2019.

What Eridium Is

When you opened the Vault during the final events of the first Borderlands game, a new element known as Eridium was launched all across Pandora. Eridium contains a lot of unique and alien-like properties so it didn’t take long for corporations to get their hands on this new material and create something to sell with it.

In game, this material can be used to buy character upgrades at the Black Market and more.

Where Eridium Can Be Found

Eridium drops somewhere in the uncommon to rare range when fighting normal enemies and it becomes an increasingly more common drop the tougher the enemy you’re fighting is. Beyond fighting enemies, it can be won in slot machines or given to you as a mission reward.

How to Farm Eridium Fast in Borderlands 2 in 2019

The best farm for Eridium in 2019 is found within Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. Now, this is paid DLC so if you don’t already own it, you’ll have to buy it. Of course, it comes packed into the game with The Handsome Collection, too.

Launch this DLC in Normal Mode and play through it until you get a quest called Raiders of the Last Boss. You can only get this quest after killing the Handsome Sorcerer, which is a quest given to you by Mr. Torgue.

Now, Raiders of the Last Boss will see you dropped into a chamber of sorts filled with dragons. These dragons drop a lot of the material you’re after.

On average, they’ll drop about 80 Eridium. However, you do have to pay 60 Eridium to get into this chamber so each run will net you roughly 60 Eridium.

Another great farm is also found within the same DLC. Head into the Forest and run through its areas killing all faeries and ents, and be sure to open every random chest you find. These enemies and chests drop a decent amount of the material and because you can reload the area over and over again, the amount you can obtain over time is basically infinite.

That’s it for our guide on how to farm Eridium fast in 2019.

For more information about Borderlands 2 or Eridium, be sure to search for it on Twinfinite. We’ve also included a bunch of guides for the newly-released Commander Lilith DLC for Borderlands 2 down below.

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