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All 15 Sync Pairs Revealed for Pokemon Masters so Far


All 15 Sync Pairs Revealed for Pokemon Masters so Far

The Pokemon Company and DeNA have lifted the curtain a bit on the upcoming mobile title, Pokemon Masters. For the first time ever, the mobile title will bring together iconic trainers, gym leaders, and other characters together and throw them on an island to compete in the Pokemon Masters League.

Each trainer will only have one partner Pokemon by their side, which are called Sync Pairs. As of right now, only 15 Sync Pairs have been confirmed, but there will be about 65 pairs to recruit at launch with more to come post-launch.

We have compiled a list of all 15 Sync Pairs that we know about so far, which you can check out down below.

Main Character and Pikachu

sync pairs for pokemon masters

When you first boot up Pokemon Masters, you will be able to choose between the male or female starter character for your adventures on the island of Pasio.

Oh, and guess what? Your partner Pokemon is, of course, a Pikachu!

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