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7 Features That Animal Crossing: New Horizons Must Have


7 Features That Animal Crossing: New Horizons Must Have

Animal Crossing fans received a long-awaited update on the now-delayed upcoming Switch title as well as a title reveal, alongside some first-look gameplay at Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct.

The amazing first trailer revealed the game will be called Animal Crossing: New Horizons and was packed with much-requested features such as bigger multiplayer, outdoor furniture placement, and of course, paths.

However, there are still a few quintessential Animal Crossing features, as well as requested new ones, that we didn’t catch a glimpse of. Here are seven things we still want to see from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Museum or an Alternative

Animal Crossing New Horizons missing features

Collecting bugs, fish, fossils, and deep sea creatures is a process at the heart of an Animal Crossing game, yet so far we’ve seen no signs of the museum making a return to the next entry. Many players enjoy Animal Crossing’s collection elements including acquiring furniture and items for the museum.

The museum has been featured in every mainline Animal Crossing game except Animal Forest, which was only released in Japan for N64 and featured a ‘faraway museum’ which players could send their fossils to for identification.

The return of the museum could also bring about some simple changes to how fossils are assessed. For example, instead of having to bring every fossil to blathers for assessment, already donated fossils could be recognized and sold or kept right after digging them up. This means the player would only be required to visit the museum if they dig up a new find, saving them a bit of time and effort.

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