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6 Games From E3 2019 That We Wish Showed More Than CGI


6 Games From E3 2019 That We Wish Showed More Than CGI

Marvel’s Avengers

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As a huge Marvel fan myself, you can say that I was pretty pumped to see how Crystal Dynamics would adapt the Avengers into a AAA video game.

Taking one of the biggest entertainment properties and revealing it to the world is no easy feat but the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers left me wanting much more from the action-adventure title.

We got to see how Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, The Hulk, and Thor look for the first time and it’s sort of uncanny how similar yet different they look from the actual cast. We also got a look at the premise of the story and the reveal that Captain America will be dying towards the beginning of the narrative.

However, no gameplay was shown and people questioned the title, asking just how it’s going to be played. Apparently, the main campaign will be solely single-player with the player being able to control all of the Avengers.

Of course, there will be multiplayer modes to play with friends but not for the main campaign. This wasn’t clarified in the initial reveal which led to mixed messages, but I just hope that actual gameplay is revealed to the public soon.

Some gameplay was shown to E3 2019 attendees, though, and we’ll have some impressions on Twinfinite this week.

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