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Rage 2: Story Summary


Rage 2: Story Summary

You aren’t required to have played the original Rage to understand the story of Rage 2, but the two games are certainly connected. The sequel takes place 30 years after the events of the first game, in which Nicholas Raine and the human resistance overcame the nefarious Authority. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a Rage 2 story summary, let’s dive in.

The Authority, an alien race who landed on earth along with the asteroid which turned it into a deserted wasteland weren’t entirely defeated, though, as we immediately discover in the opening sequences of the second game.

The Authority is back, and they’ve emerged to take back control of the earth, which is still in a ruinous state despite the awakening of other members of Project Eden. That said, the world is healing, with new areas of jungle and tundra replacing barren sandy desert in places.

Trade is starting to flourish between makeshift towns, but society is rather lawless and large areas of the world controlled by thuggish Goons. It sets the stage for a new adventure in a familiar but fresh open world.

Final spoiler warning for this article! Do not read on unless you’ve either beaten the game already or you’re absolutely sure you’d rather just read the plot here. OK let’s dig into Rage 2 story summary.

Rage 2 – Prologue

Rage 2’s prologue scene throws us straight into the action, as the Ark soldiers of Vineland city are being overrun by the returning General Cross and his army of mutant creatures.

Vineland is basically destroyed in one fell swoop, and almost all of its most accomplished Ranger soldiers are killed, wounded, or captured, leaving Cross and his force unchallenged to take the earth for themselves.

Thankfully, we’re here to put up one hell of a one-man-army resistance and after picking up a fallen Ranger’s armored suit, Ranger Walker is born. With the aid of the last remaining Rangers and his/her buddy Lilly, Walker drives Cross out of Vineland, but the quest is only just beginning.

To properly defeat General Cross, Walker has to initiate Project Dagger, a protocol put in place by the now deceased Erwina Prowley. Prowley was the Ranger’s leader, who had actually raised Walker since childhood, but she’s killed by Cross in the final moments of the prologue.

Luckily, she left a hologram message explaining to Walker the existence of Project Dagger and handy step-by-step as to what he needs to do. But not before Walker is introduced to Ark pods, which outfit him/her with Nanotrite Abilities, special powers that enhance performance in combat.

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