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Now That DMC Is Coming to Switch, Fans Want Dante in Smash Bros. (No Surprise There)

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Now That DMC Is Coming to Switch, Fans Want Dante in Smash Bros. (No Surprise There)

Just earlier today, Capcom’s official Twitter account for the Devil May Cry series sneakingly announced that the first Devil May Cry would be making its debut on the Switch sometime this summer. Marking the first time that the series has seen a release on a Nintendo console, this announcement is a big deal to Nintendo and DMC fans alike.

We’re not entirely sure as to why only the first game is coming and not the HD collection that includes the first three games, but regardless, folks have plenty to be excited about, especially when it comes to the fantasy dream of Dante finally making an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Capcom already has a huge presence throughout the fighting game, as you can play as Mega Man, Ryu, and Ken, and also fight against a Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series. And the Switch itself has tons of Capcom franchises on the system with Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Dragons Dogma, all available to play on the go.

But now that Dante will be making his first appearance on the Switch, Smash Bros. Ultimate players (like usually) are speculating that Dante could, in fact, be one of the DLC characters heading to the fighting game.

This is just a pipedream for the most part, but there is a quote out there from the Devil May Cry director, Hideaki Itsuno, teasing that in order for Dante to be in Smash Bros., that his games would need to be on the Switch beforehand.

Itsuno also mentioned that fans should “campaign” if they want to see Devil May Cry come to Switch. And now that this is actually happening, fans have gone to Twitter to exclaim their passion for hopefully seeing Dante squaring off with Bayonetta and other iconic video game characters:

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