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Mordhau: How to Unlock Gear

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Mordhau: How to Unlock Gear

Mordhau is a medieval game in which you’ll engage in first-person melee combat across several different game modes, from the co-operative horde mode to competitive battle royale skirmishes. Choosing the right weapons and armor according to your playstyle is crucial, so you’ll need to know how to unlock gear in Mordhau if you’re going to be successful.

Before we crack into explaining how the progression system and, specifically, unlocking gear works in Mordhau, the function is currently offline and unavailable whilst the developers patch the no Gold/XP progression bug that has plagued the game since its full launch.

How to Unlock Gear in Mordhau

In Mordhau, players unlock new gear and cosmetic weapon and armor skins in exchange for Gold. Progression in the form of XP does exist, which is in place essentially as a block to stop you from acquiring all the best gear and cosmetics too quickly.

In the case of weapons and armor, that barrier is very low; you’ll be a level to unlock everything fairly quickly. What you will need though, is gold. Gold is acquired by competing in multiplayer matches, and the amount you’ll receive at the end of each match depends on your kill/points and time spent in a given match.

Regardless of whether you win or lose, or score a high or low number of kills, you will at least be rewarded with some gold. We recommend team deathmatch as a way of quickly acquiring gold since you’ll be killing plenty of players in that mode.

That said, in Mordhau, the only grinding you’ll really do is for cosmetics, as the gear is unlocked very quickly. Completing the tutorial level, for example, rewards you with 2,500 gold, which is more than enough to deck out a new character build with weapons and armor.

It should be noted that the base character options, with their base weapons and armor sets, are equally competitive with any enemies you encounter using unlocked gear and cosmetics. They are designed as viable builds, and there is no gameplay advantage when using weapon and armor skins unlocked with gold.

That’s all the information you should need about how to unlock gear in Mordhau. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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