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Fortnite: Where to Launch Through Flaming Hoops With a Cannon (Season 8 Week 10 Challenge)

where to launch through flaming hoops with a cannon in Fortnite

Fortnite: Where to Launch Through Flaming Hoops With a Cannon (Season 8 Week 10 Challenge)

One of Fortnite’s Season 8 Week 10 challenges tasks players to ‘Launch Through Flaming Hoops With a Cannon.’ In order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to do this three times. The problem is, there are multiple cannon locations on the map, but only a handful of flaming hoops. Here’s where the flaming hoops and cannon locations are to help you complete this challenge.

Where to Launch Through Flaming Hoops With a Cannon in Fortnite (Season 8 Week 10 Challenge)

The good news is that the locations of these flaming hoops are close to several spawn points of cannons on Fortnite’s map. To help you figure out exactly where these locations are, we’ve provided a map for you down below.

Fortnite Launch Through Flaming Hoops with a Cannon Locations

If you’re struggling to figure out exactly where these locations are from our map, we’ve broken them down for you in written form below.

  • Just at the end of the lava river that flows from the volcano you’ll find one of the flaming hoops. Use the cannon at the nearby pirate camp and take the time to line up your shot.
  • Next, you’ll find another of the flaming hoops you need to launch yourself through on the east side of Lazy Lagoon.
  • Finally, head north of the large mountain with the pirate camp at the top that can be found northwest of Fatal Fields. Move the cannon down and line up your shot to fire yourself through the flaming hoop just on the ground here.

Tips to Launch Through Flaming Hoops with a Cannon in Fortnite

While knowing where the locations of these hoops is half of the battle for this week 10 challenge, you’re still going to face some competition from other players also trying to use the cannons to get those all-important Battle Stars. As such, there are a few ways you can make things considerably easier for yourself, and they all involve having a friend join you for the ride.

First of all, make sure that you’re bringing a friend along with you. Not only can they help you fend off other players who might be trying to complete this challenge, but one of you can hop into the cannon while the other moves it around and helps you to line up your shot. Once you’re all set, fire away and with a bit of luck, you’ll launch through the hoop first time without too many issues.

Additionally, make sure you’re to make use of the Party Assist feature in Fortnite. This will enable you and other players in your party to work together to complete it. This technically means you could hop into a Squad or Duos, each head to a different location, and launch yourself through hoops simultaneously.

Alternatively, stick together and if one of you fails to fire through the hoop, the other can hop in, realign, and try again while you make your way back to the cannon. Party Assist was almost made for these challenges, so be sure to actually use it, rather than struggling on your own.

That’s all you need to know to complete the ‘Launch Through Flaming Hoops with a Cannon‘ week 10 challenge in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 8 guide wiki.

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