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7 Games That Would Be Perfect For Mobile Gaming


7 Games That Would Be Perfect For Mobile Gaming

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

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Nobody would suspect that Ubisoft and Nintendo would eventually team up to bring the Raving Rabbids together with iconic characters from the Mario universe. Even though the idea seemed highly ridiculous, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle turned out to be quite the solid turn-based strategy RPG crossover.

You can choose from the Rabbid forms of Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, as well as their real selves, to make up your party before you head into battle. From then on, the game plays out very similarly to other strategy games like XCOM, letting you go turn by turn to think about how to deal with the enemies on a map.

Some stages have different goals, like getting to the end or eliminating all foes on the field in a time limit, and since Mario + Rabbids doesn’t demand too much in terms of a graphical sense, it could definitely work on mobile devices if it was just scaled down a little bit.

Instead of exploring the Mushroom Kingdom between stages, the mobile port could just simply be combat stages one after another. Considering that you can take your time between turns, playing on your phone could be the perfect way to pass the time.

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