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10 Video Games That Are Basically Already Movies


10 Video Games That Are Basically Already Movies

Until Dawn

Until Dawn 10 Most Cinematic Video Games

Many of the games on this list borrow elements from the cinema that, in turn, make them cinematic, but Until Dawn is on this list because it basically is a movie.

Heavily (and we mean heavily) inspired by 80s tropes of your favorite thriller-horror movies, Until Dawn is a game about a group of teenagers staying in a cabin where just a year prior, they said goodbye to friends they loved after a gruesome death.

Wanting to return to face their fears and learn more about what happened, literal movie stars Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere and others lead the cast in this choice-based adventure game that really feels like a movie from the 20th Century.

On top of the great albeit cheesy story contained within, you, the player, will get to dictate exactly what happens from character to character.

Because of Until Dawn’s choice-based butterfly effect style of gameplay, finally, you’ll get to tell the teenager on-screen to not open the door and definitely run away, something movies that this game is based on have never allowed you to do.

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