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10 Video Game Intros That Set The Stage for An Incredible Experience


10 Video Game Intros That Set The Stage for An Incredible Experience

Video games have an important job in their opening moments to try and convince players that this game is worth playing past the first few minutes of pressing that start button on the controller.

Some video games fail to grab the attention of consumers within the opening moments, but there are a select few video games that excel in blowing us away with their intros that set the stage for an incredible experience.

The Last of Us

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The intro cinematics in The Last of Us shows us the relationship between the protagonist, Joel, and his daughter Sarah.

Surprisingly, we get to take control of Sarah for most of the opening of the game, seeing the zombie outbreak happen right before our eyes when an infected man run towards their home, resulting in Joel using his gun to shoot him down.

Moments later, you get to sit in the back of a truck as Sarah, with the game allowing you to look at any direction of your choosing while the chaos in the city ensues. This could’ve easily just been a simple cutscene, but Naughty Dog wanted players to truly be immersed in the experience and boy did it work.

Moving Sarah around in the backseat to watch as the city erupts in commotion is thrilling and horrifying. Depending on where you decide to look, you can see a ton of different things going on around them. You might see a burning farm, or a zombie chasing after their truck, and it really affects Sarah and her view on the world around her.

Once Sarah gets hurt from a car accident, the player then takes control of Joel, running through the city trying to get away from the flames and blood-thirsty creatures. One of the most poignant scenes then occurs, resulting in the untimely death of his daughter.

The first 20 t0 30 minutes of The Last of Us will always be remembered for making us cry and weep, starting this adventure in the saddest way possible.

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