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10 Canceled Video Games None of Us Will Ever Get to Play


10 Canceled Video Games None of Us Will Ever Get to Play

The world of video games is full of what ifs and could have beens. What if Nintendo and Sony had teamed up to produce the SNES CD add-on? Imagine what could have been had Sega took its time with Sonic 06. What if Star Fox 2 had never been canceled?

Out of all these thought experiments, the cancelations are the most thought-provoking since a single game, canceled or otherwise, can result in a butterfly effect of good or ill.

Granted, canceled games are occasionally resurrected, such as Level-5’s Ushiro, but more often than not the closest we’ll get to playing these games is viewing in-development trailers and screenshots. Out of all the games that have been canceled, here are 10 we wish had been released.

The Wolf Among Us 2

the wolf among us, PS4

R.I.P. Telltale Games. You created some memorable narrative titles. Even though your games were kinda repetitive gameplay-wise, you almost always delivered on the storytelling front. There’s a reason why gamers were more sad than mad when you shut your doors, even if you did stiff your ex-employees on severance pay.

Based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic series, The Wolf Among Us wowed audiences with a detective noir story that tried to answer the question, “What happens after happily ever after?” The game isn’t afraid to put the grim in Grimm’s Fairy Tales and lets players decide if the main character Bigby Wolf was a by the books K9 or a big bad wolf.

The game won acclaim thanks to its story, and it’s a shame we’ll never get to see what Telltale had in store for a sequel, especially since season 2 was originally scheduled for 2018.

Credit where credit is due, Telltale Games tried to reinvent itself in the year before it shuffled off its mortal coil. The studio was going to try some new storytelling methods with its Stranger Things game.

And, even though The Wolf Among Us 2 might not have received the same attention, the game would have likely been fantastic thanks to its pedigree.

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