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World War Z: Is It Cross Platform? Answered

world war z, cross platform

World War Z: Is It Cross Platform? Answered

Is World War Z Cross Platform? Answered

Who said zombie games were dying! Saber Interactive’s World War Z might have arrived a good six years after the source material it’s based on, but apparently, the genre’s still popular enough that might not matter. Well, that’s what the publisher will be hoping, anyway. To be fair, World War Z’s zombie hordes are pretty cool, and this Left 4 Dead-like co-op shooter does have some novel gameplay mechanics that make it worth a look beyond just the association to 2013 movie. But is World War Z Cross Platform? Here’s your answer.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no; Saber Interactive has not included any form of cross platform play in the launch version of World War Z. If you were hoping to play with your buddies across different platforms, you won’t be able to. For now, you’ll all need to be playing on the same platform, be it PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

But there’s no doubt that cross platform play is becoming an in-demand feature that developers aren’t able to simply ignore. In fact, Saber Interactive has made special mention of it, both on the game’s FAQ page and during an interview last year.

Potential Cross-Play Plans for World War Z

The FAQ forum page answers a question about Cross Play, stating:

“There are no plans for cross-play at this time.” While that’s obviously not the answer you’re hoping for, the fact that they’ve opted not to completely shut the door on the conversation by saying “at this time” offers some hope.

There’s some better news going further back, too. In June of last year, two developers for World War Z spoke to the question of cross platform play in an interview with Wccftech. Designers Oliver Hollis-Leick and Craig Sherman said on the subject:

“Right now we don’t know if we want to do that,” while the other said it was “possible.”

So there you have everything on if World War Z is cross platform. For more useful guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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