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Why Were These 5 Fighters Missing From Mortal Kombat 11?


Why Were These 5 Fighters Missing From Mortal Kombat 11?


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It’s a damned shame that a Mortal Kombat 2 party was thrown in Mortal Kombat 11 and all the classic characters that showed up for that tournament weren’t invited. Just because Reptile crashed the first game as a secret character doesn’t mean that he should be uninvited from the reunion 17 years later.

Not only has Reptile been there since the beginning (in his current form since MK2) and should have a permanent roster slot by now, but what makes matters even more puzzling in this case is that he’s been in the last two games.

I have to imagine considering how closely the game and many of its fighters play in MK11 versus MK 10, that it couldn’t have been a herculean effort to include Reptile again if NetherRealm wanted him in MK 11.

If it was because of the story, NetherRealm could have found a way to have Reptile just show up out of no where and fight someone. If that sounds lame, it is, but it’s basically what Erron Black and Skarlet were reduced to in MK 11. At least Reptile has some history going for him in his case.

There’s a small Krypt cameo, but it’s not enough for this iconic character.

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