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Top 10 Best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch


Top 10 Best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch

Octopath Traveler

Best JRPG’s on the Switch

octopath traveler, jrpg's switch

In an attempt to bring back the retro-styled JRPG resembling Final Fantasy games of the past, Square Enix brought Octopath Traveler into this world and, on the Switch.

Octopath Traveler introduces you to eight different people who all live separately from another and have completely distinct lives. Chapter by chapter, you switch between the eight characters to play out all of their story arcs.

From playing as a suave professor and a female escort to a warrior and a huntress; each playable character in Octopath feels really different from the next in terms of combat and special abilities that they can perform on and off the battlefield.

Octopath Traveler’s unique HD 2D art-style has been coined by Square Enix and its developers, and after playing this lengthy JRPG, you can see why. The pixel art in play here looks glorious and with the lighting effects, soundtrack, and setting, Octopath Traveler shines as one of, if not, the best JRPG’s available on the Switch.

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