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The 5 Best Indie Games From PAX East That You’ll Want to Keep On Your Radar

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The 5 Best Indie Games From PAX East That You’ll Want to Keep On Your Radar

Sayonara Wild Hearts

sayonara wild hearts

This indie was first announced back during The Game Awards and since I first glanced my eyes at the flashy and stylized trailer, I was down for this pop rhythm motorcycle action game, or whatever it is.

The indie studio, Simogo, calls Sayonara Wild Hearts a Pop Album Video Game, and after getting my hands on it during PAX East, I totally see why they went with that description.

The first segments of my demo with Sayonara Wild Hearts was simple enough and had me controlling this masked woman who is on a skateboard. Going with the electric pop music playing in the background, you have to move left and right to collect little gems that go towards your high score.

The music is super catchy and had me tapping my toes in conjunction with the beat. Once the game gave me access to a motorcycle, that’s when things got crazy. Before you know it, I was chasing a group of women who, I assume, are bad guys in the game. I went toe to toe with each one of them by punching them in the face and chasing after them with my motorcycle.

Everything is timed with button prompts and the game just didn’t stop throwing new gameplay elements one after another, and after playing three or four levels, I just really wanted more of Wild Hearts.

Playing Sayonara Wild Hearts made me feel like a complete bad-ass, sword-wielding, mask-toting, anime girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The game launches sometime in 2019 for Switch and “other platforms.”

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