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Star Trek Fleet Command: Best Crystal Mining Locations

best crystal mining locations, star trek fleet command

Star Trek Fleet Command: Best Crystal Mining Locations

Here Are the Best Crystal Mining Locations In Star Trek Fleet Command

In Star Trek Fleet Command, almost as important as managing your fleet and crew, you’ll need to mine crystals throughout your space journey. Here are the best crystal mining locations in Star Trek Fleet Command.

In Star Trek Fleet Command, you’ll be mining Tritanium, Dilithium Crystals, gas, ore and more. In order to maximize your efficiency in finding these things, we recommend advancing through the story and game enough so that you can upgrade your ship enough to get you to the high-level systems.

It’s in these high-level systems that your chances of finding the more rare materials are significantly increased. You’ll know you can fly to a high-level system when you’re able to fly to a system with a double digit number after its name.

The number after its name indicates what level that system is. The higher numbers, like 37, almost guarantee you more of the rare Star Trek Fleet Command materials.

Tritanium Mine Locations

  • Cita Laga — System Number: 81454, X-Axis: 4761, Y-Axis: 456
  • Dyrr — System Number: 79578, X-Axis: 4935, Y-Axis: 1763
  • Palimer — System Number: 79577, X-Axis: 4509, Y-Axis: 1363
  • Worhundelja — System Number: 78727, X-Axis: 5721, Y-Axis: 1693
  • Kito — System Number: 78726, X-Axis: 6058, Y-Axis: 1304
  • Jinnia — System Number: 76222, X-Axis: 5929, Y-Axis: 1084
  • Eravan — System Number: 76223, X-Axis: 6993, Y-Axis: 644
  • Volta — System Number: 74101, X-Axis: 5699, Y-Axis: 467
  • Vindermiatrix — System Number: 54, X-Axis: 4724, Y-Axix: 569

2-Star Raw Gas

  • Elona — System Number: 81286, X-Axis: 4742, Y-Axis: 502
  • Sorenle — System Number: 81497, X-Axis: 4711, Y-Axis: 328

2-Star Raw Crystal

  • Bellas — System Number: 81250, X-Axis: 4821, Y-Axis: 624
  • Nelve — System Number: 8334.5, X-Axis: 4728, Y-Axis: 668

2-Star Raw Ore

For the following systems, we don’t have exact locations as there aren’t exact locations for them. Instead, we’ve included the locations they’re near or the zones they’re in.

  • Fastolf — Near Kepler-018
  • Obilent — Near Cita Laga
  • Labac — Near Cita Laga
  • Aerimea — Green Zone
  • Lixar — Green Zone
  • Doska — Blue Zone
  • Mapic — Blue Zone
  • Thama — Blue Zone

3-Star Raw Crystal

  • Francihk — Red Zone
  • Morska — Red Zone

3-Star Raw Gas

  • Davidul — Green Zone
  • Priya — Blue Zone
  • P’Jem — Blue Zone

That’s it for the best crystal mining locations in Star Trek Fleet Command.

For more information about Star Trek Fleet Command, just search for the game on Twinfinite. There, we have plenty of other guides for the game to ensure you’re running the tightest fleet in the galaxy.

Here are a few to get you started:

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