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Star Trek Fleet Command: How to Get Dilithium & What It’s Used For


Star Trek Fleet Command: How to Get Dilithium & What It’s Used For

How to Get Dilithium in Star Trek Fleet Command & What It’s Used For

In Star Trek Fleet Command, you may come across many different types of resources spread across the galaxy. Some of them are common and can be easily acquired, while others are much more rare, and it will take greater effort to obtain them. Here’s how to get dilithium in Star Trek Fleet Command and how to use it.

Dilithium falls into the latter camp. It is used to upgrade your facilities, as well as other uses, and its utility makes it exceedingly coveted. Though you can produce dilithium at your station, the best way to collect it in mass quantities is via mining. If you’re unsure what to do, check out this guide on mining.

In Star Trek Fleet Command, there is no shortage of galaxies to explore, meaning that pinning down an exact mining location for each ore or resource is a tricky bit of business. Rigel is generally a good place to get started, while others, like YouTuber Synq Gaming, have had success in obscure corners like Clytomenes, due west of Nausicaa.

The odds are, if you find a location that is rich in resources, other players will happen upon it, too – so relying on one farming location alone is not recommended. If you are coming up short on dilithium, it may be worth targeting another resource for a while until the demand for dilithium dies down. Keep in mind, dilithium and tritanium are often found in close proximity to one another; if one is being overmined, it’s a safe bet that the other one is, too.

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