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Imperator Rome: How to Colonize


Imperator Rome: How to Colonize

Here’s How to Colonize in Imperator Rome

Imperator Rome is a grand strategy game about creating the strongest Roman Empire you can and what better way to do that than by colonization. Here’s how to colonize in Imperator Rome.

Before diving into how to do this in Imperator Rome, it’s important we note why you should colonize as doing so will affect the rest of your Roman empire’s history.

Why Colonize

When you begin Imperator Rome, you’ll be an isolated empire of sorts. You’ll see foreign lands with people unknown around you and you’ll see unoccupied land as well. Now, you could stick to your isolated area and focus on beefing that up, but in the long run, without colonization, your empire will never grow to be as strong as someone like Alexander the Greats.

Colonization allows you to acquire more lands for your empire which means you can build more, gather more resources and grow your armies. Doing all of this is key to your empire’s survival.

What You Can Colonize

We briefly touched on it above, but you can colonize virtually anything around you.

If land around you is unoccupied, you can colonize it. If the land around you is occupied by a people you believe you can conquer, you can colonize it.

The stronger your empire, the less trouble you’ll have colonizing surrounding lands so its imperatives that you keep your resources flowing and your armies large.

It’s important to note that you can only colonize occupied lands under the control of unorganized form void of a unified political system. If said land has an organized political system, you’ll need to acquire that land in other ways (usually militaristic).

How to Colonize

To colonize in Imperator Rome, you must find uninhabited land or land occupied by unorganized people void of a unified political system.

A key factor in colonization is your Civilization level. If you find an unoccupied land, have a high Civilization level and at least 10 residents in a city, you can simply send one of your empire’s residents to that unoccupied land and said land will become your property.

The lower your level, the more people you’ll need to send.

If you want this newly colonized land to be a military colony, simply send in some of your armies to occupy the land.

That’s it for our guide on how to colonize in Imperator Rome.

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