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3 Things to Do After Beating Days Gone (Post-Game/ End Game)


3 Things to Do After Beating Days Gone (Post-Game/ End Game)

Even after completing the main story, there are still a few post-game things you can do in the big world of Days Gone. Here’s a rundown of the things to do after beating Days Gone.

Hunt the Hordes

days gone, post-game

The post-game content in Days Gone isn’t really drastically different from what you’ve already been doing in the main campaign, but there’s one big change to be aware of: the Hordes.

If you take a look at your map, you’ll start seeing the general locations of all the Hordes in the game. At this point, you’ve already got access to the napalm molotovs, which are insanely powerful against Hordes, along with the best weapons and explosives to actually give you a fighting chance against them.

Clearing out all Hordes is one of the many storylines you can complete in Days Gone, and they also reward you with over 200 Swarmer Ears, making it easier for you to build Trust with the surrounding camps. They’re also a valuable source of experience points, if you’re looking to purchase all available skills.

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