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Anno 1800: Settlement Building Tips and Tricks


Anno 1800: Settlement Building Tips and Tricks

City Planning is Crucial

anno 1800 city layout

Just about the most crucial element to Anno 1800 is your settlement’s layout. Your citizens are very needy and need road access and proximity to all kinds of amenities and luxury goods, not to mention civil services and recreation. And as every structure you build has a maintenance cost, it behooves you to set things in the most efficient manner possible.

In this, I look to history for inspiration, which is fitting in this case. The Romans set out their cities with precision and care that can still be seen today in many European cities.

In short, this means perfect squares, with equal rows of housing. The central boulevard is reserved for public services such as police stations and fire stations, universities and civic centers.

Done correctly, this will allow for maximum coverage in the center, and can easily be replicated on the wings as your population grows and spills out of its original boundaries. Mercifully, Anno 1800 has a “copy” tool, located on the bottom part of the UI that makes replicating this a breeze.

As important as it is for your city to function well, it also needs to look good while doing it. This can be as simple as lining your roads with hedges, but I also like to leave gaps in my residential blocks for small parks. As not every civic building is the same size, there will be numerous areas in your city center that will need filling, so put apple trees and flower beds in wherever you can.

Pictured above is Adamstown, founded by yours truly. As marked by the yellow lines, I lay the streets out at right angles, leaving space for houses in blocks of 10. As outlined in red, the city center is reserved for amenities and public works, allowing maximum coverage over as many people as possible.

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