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Anno 1800: How to Increase Ship Morale & What It Does


Anno 1800: How to Increase Ship Morale & What It Does

How to Increase Ship Morale & What It Does in Anno 1800

As you play through the main campaign of Anno 1800, your AI rivals will sometimes give you quests. These basic tasks typically reward with gold and relationship bonuses. Expeditions essentially offer the same rewards, except there are greater stakes. As such, they’re a bit more complicated, as they require more micromanagement and more careful planning, including an understanding of how morale works. Here’s how to increase ship morale and what it does in Anno 1800.

When undertaking expeditions, morale acts as your ship’s hitpoints. There are two aspects to it that you’ll need to keep in mind: a ship’s base morale, and the morale boost that it earns as a result of the goods it’s equipped with. Any specialist crew members aboard will also add a further boost to morale if combined with the right goods.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • Equipping a ship with beef will add 20 base morale to a ship.
  • Equipping a ship with beer will also add 20 base morale to a ship, but that number is boosted if your specialist has a +10 diplomacy skill. It then becomes 40.

Here are some goods that stack with skills: Cigars (diplomacy), Schnaps (medicine), Rum (medicine), Flour (hunting), Champagne (diplomacy).

During expeditions, you’ll be alerted to certain events that the crew has to deal with. These involve making various choices. Your success in these events is greatly increased by having specialists aboard. Do note that failure in a decision event will lead to a loss of morale.

You should expect to encounter several events in a single expedition. If you lose all morale, your ship and any cargo aboard are lost.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • You can always fully equip all your cargo-slots with goods/items for expeditions. If the ship returns, it will offload all gained expedition-items into your main-isle automatically.
  • If you solve an event perfectly your morale increases, and you have a chance to gain items.
  • Most expeditions have between five and seven events. Longest was seven incidents. Keep in mind that if your morale is dropping too much at this point then you’ll likely fail the expedition since you won’t get every event choice correct.

That should give you a pretty good understanding of how to increase ship morale and what it does in Anno 1800. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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