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8 Japanese Games Still Begging For a Localization


8 Japanese Games Still Begging For a Localization

The Legend of Heroes: Zero and Ao No Kiseki

The long-running JRPG franchise The Legend of Heroes has hit more popularity in the west recently, due to the release of the Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel subseries. These games are all connected, however, taking place in the same world, Zemuria, but in different nations.

With Trails of Cold Steel 3 finally making its way West later this year we’re finally getting more of the picture, but there’s a vital piece missing from the Zemuria games, Zero No Kiseki and Ao No Kiseki. These two games form a duology set in Crossbell, a city-state that borders the Erebonia Empire from Trails of Cold Steel.

You play as Lloyd Bannings, a rookie police detective who joins the Special Support Section of the Crossbell Police, a brand new unit meant to assist the city and citizens directly

Zero and Ao have pretty typical gameplay for The Legend of Heroes, but they were the games that introduced some nice quality of life improvements for the franchise, like being able to teleport around the city sections instantly.

Like other games in the series, both Zero and Ao are heavily story-based and considering they reference events from other games and feature familiar characters, they’re a pretty important piece of the overall puzzle. Considering we’re getting every other game in the series, outside of Trails of Cold Steel 4 (not confirmed yet), it’s a shame that we don’t have ports of Zero and Ao.

Hopefully, that’s something that changes with the rising popularity of The Legend of Heroes.

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