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7 Photos That Show Off Days Gone Impressive Realism


7 Photos That Show Off Days Gone Impressive Realism

Days Gone is finally out and although the open world third-person zombie shooter left us feeling a bit disappointed, we still can’t get over how beautiful and realistic the setting of the game is.

Taking place in the Pacific Northwest, the world of Days Gone is simply breathtaking and thanks to the game’s wonderful photo mode, players have taken some very impressive pictures that make the zombie-infested world just a little bit less scary.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pics that we found on the internet, starting with the motorcycle that plays a huge role in Days Gone.

Deacon’s Ride

days gone photo mode, in-game pictures

Deacon’s motorcycle in Days Gone is extremely customizable, allowing you to switch up the colors, the tires, upgrade its durability and it also gets you from point A to point B much quicker. You can also mow down enemies, but you have to be careful because your bike can easily break down if it takes too much damage.

This photo from Reddit user, killercillian, gives us a closer look at Deacon’s bike in front of a busted down gas station. As you can see, the station is out of order with no gas available to pump at all, but hey, at least the bike looks really pretty in front of the destroyed building.

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