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5 TV Series That Have Gone on Way Too Long and Need to End Already


5 TV Series That Have Gone on Way Too Long and Need to End Already

The Simpsons

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Now in its 30th season, The Simpsons was once the best animated show in the world. What’s more surprising is that it managed to hold on to that title for many years, but the sad fact is that everyone’s favorite dysfunctional cartoon family are almost unrecognizable today.

While Fox churns out season after season, the actual content of those seasons has long since become tired and repetitive. It’s no surprise that the series in its current state has become known as “zombie Simpsons” in certain parts of the internet, a term coined by Dead Homer Society, a blog dedicated to the failings of the modern version of the series.

While The Simpsons in early seasons was known for its stellar writing, quick comedic chops and clever use of satire, the original writers responsible have since moved on and the show now has a completely different creative team than the one it started with.

This turnover has been decades in the making and what we’re eventually left with is a stale series that relies on outdated pop culture references, celebrity cameos, and gross out humor.

Some say the turning point was around Season 10, others say it didn’t start to get bad until Season 15. One thing’s certain about this new iteration of The Simpsons – while the animation quality gets better and better, what the TV series is really missing is a soul.

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