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8 Comic Books that Need Video Game Adaptations


8 Comic Books that Need Video Game Adaptations

We’d seriously like to see more of these.

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Morbius, The Living Vampire

Comic books that need games

First up is a comic book character that we’re extremely surprised hasn’t been adapted into a video game yet. Morbius is, as his title would suggest, a man suffering from the effects of vampirism. He first appeared as a villain in The Amazing Spiderman #101, before becoming a tragic protagonist in his very own comic book series.

He obtained his powers as a result of a biochemical experiment gone wrong (the recipe for many of our most beloved heroes). That already sounds like an origin story arc to begin with, but it’s his other powers and pitfalls that make him interesting; he has enhanced physical and mental capabilities, is able to fly, hypnotize others, and has accelerated healing. However, like every vampire we know, he relies on human blood for sustenance. This results in some internal struggles that would make Morbius perfect for a game adaptation. He would fit well in an Arkham-esque game, where he could use his flying powers to sneak around the rooftops. He’s already seen some minor roles in TV and games, but he deserves much more than that.

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