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10 Most Iconic Motorcycles in Video Games


10 Most Iconic Motorcycles in Video Games

Drifter Bike – Days Gone

Days Gone’s world has plenty of things that want to kill you, and for the most part, your only way of escaping them is with Deacon’s bike. Of course, you can go on foot but Days Gone’s puts a huge emphasis on using the bike, for getting around the world, in combat, and for escaping.

The bike basically takes the place of your companion characters in Days Gone, and you’ll put a lot of time into it in terms of upgrading and care. As its name implies, drifting is a huge aspect to this bike as well, and once you get the hang of things you can just blaze through the world.

Much like the Regalia in Final Fantasy XV, Deacon’s bike just feels like an essential part of the Days Gone experience.

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