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These 5 Fakemon Prove These Pokemon Type Combos Need to Happen ASAP


These 5 Fakemon Prove These Pokemon Type Combos Need to Happen ASAP

Let’s See These Unusued Pokemon Types ASAP

Ice/Bug – Syclant

Ice and Bug-type Pokemon are in a lot of competitive circles considered two of the weaker types in the game. There are exceptions, of course, but both of them have crippling weaknesses that they need to find a way to clear to succeed in a competitive environment.

So it’s quite a bold move indeed for this Smogon CAP Fakemon team for Syclant to combine the two into a glass cannon attacking type that takes advantage of the offensive advantages that an Ice/Bug Pokemon do have.

The Ice/Bug Pokemon Scylcant has a unique ability, Mountaineer, which is designed to help it survive against one of the bigger problems that these two types have to contend with. Mountaineer allows it to dodge all Rock attacks and entry hazards when switching in.

That ability, although sadly fake, is crucial since a crippling weakness to Rock attacks including the dreaded Stealth Rock is the main reason an Ice/Bug Pokemon would be so hard to put into Pokemon without having it completely suck.

Still, real or not, it’s clear from this concept that an Ice/Bug like Syclant would probably look pretty sweet and we’re digging the design that art designer CyzirVisheen came up with.

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